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The initial interest of a career Essay

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My initial interest of a career within Primary Education sparked whilst I was volunteering for a local football team, where I was presented with the opportunity to coach 8/9-year-old children, as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. I found it particularly rewarding to see a child progress following my guidance and learning environment. From this, I have established that I enjoy the interaction with children and supporting their holistic development on their personal level, I am fascinated with how their minds develop, gaining an understanding into a child’s perceptions of the world. Primary Education has been the course I have been exclusively interested in since the start of High School, mainly due to the opportunities that have been laid ahead at South Bromsgrove.

I secured a week’s placement last year, through a local Primary School. I was able to work alongside teachers and support staff in different roles across the school. This was a capturing and challenging experience. Shadowing a Primary School teacher enabled me to be involved in a range of areas such as early years, extra-curricular events and a taste of every subject at Primary level. This developed my confidence when approaching senior teachers and pupils whilst at the school. The most rewarding part was being able to help pupils within lessons with tasks, which is essential in developing the defined core of teaching. Helping a child progress motivates me and this experience reinforced my desire to teach. The concept of playing an active role in helping children develop greatly appeals to me.

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A key part of the course would place me in an actual schooling environment, broadening my knowledge further and giving me a first-hand impression of the role itself. I am applying to this course because I believe my personal skill set and passion are well molded to the course requirements. My communication, interpersonal skills, and patience will benefit me within this role. I also believe that becoming an excellent teacher requires a desire to assist children in the learning process and this is one quality which I feel I definitely possess and have been commented on. I also emphasize the necessity of enabling children to have fun at school and relish their Primary School days. I believe that my current philosophy is person-orientated, as I obtain good interpersonal skills, promoting positive results from individuals, rather than focusing on a larger task. Primary Education provides children with the building blocks to pursue a personal desire, in later school years and beyond school.

At South Bromsgrove, I study BTEC Sport and Business Studies. A current focus in Sport is phases of learning. This particular unit has enabled me to understand the process of thinking. The Cognitive, Associative and Autonomous stages link into how a Primary pupil processes thoughts. In the future, this will provide me with an understanding of how children perceive school, which is a fundamental part of the Primary Education course. Business has enhanced my knowledge on budgeting which is a key part of the role, as each department is allocated a budget. This could benefit me in a teaching role. I also participate in the Duke of Edinburgh programme, having completed both Bronze and Silver I am working towards the Gold Award in 2018. The DofE programme has presented lots of opportunities. Volunteering in a local charity shop to learning new personal skills, such as problem solving and self-management.

I have always been a sportsman which has provided me with a core set of skills. Resilience, Social Independence, and Responsibility. These skills are applicable to university and I feel due to my skill set I can work on independent tasks and would thrive in this environment. I also believe that Primary Education requires a great level of responsibility. I personally feel that this skill is above satisfactory and again, I would face no obstruction in pursuing a career in Primary Education.

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